Hertz Australia Terms and Conditions

Hertz Terms and Conditions

Here is the summary of Hertz terms and conditions. This summary should only be used as a guide only. We try to update this page regularly but Hertz may change these conditions without notice. So, please be sure to check latest & full conditions at Hertz website.

Price Inclusions

  • G.S.T.
  • Stamp duty
  • Basic insurance cover (LDW) for normal cars with an excess of $4000 AUD (not specialty vehicles, AWD's 4WD's, 12 seater vans, luxury models) excluding tax and surcharge. Specialty vehicles and Prestige/Fun have liability $5500 (excluding taxes and local fee) Excess reduction insurance needs to be purchased separately.
  • Signified kilometre amount (generally unlimited).
  • Vehicle Registration
  • One way fees if applicable
  • Airport taxes and surcharges if applicable.
  • All vehicle fees related to the booking, eg. all recovery fees, premium location fees,Vehicle drop fees, corporate location fees wherever applicable.
Price Exclusions

  • Normal excess amount for normal cars is $4000 AUD, it can be reduced to $440 by paying $27/day (excluding local fees and surcharges).
  • Liability for Prestige, Fun and Green wehicles is $5500. Maximum Protection is $43.00/day (for Mini Cooper & Cabrio) and $54.00/day (for Mercedes, Lexus etc) excluding local fees and surcharges.
  • A Credit card surcharge of 1.5%.
  • Child Seats or booster seats. Child seats are $16.50 per day with a maximum charge of $82.50.
  • Extra kilometre travel (if your rental is limited). Each km will be charged at $0.30* depending on location
  • If driver age is between 21 to 24, the age surcharge of $16.50* per day (capped at 7 days per 30 day rental period).
  • GPS $15.40/day*. GPS are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed.
  • Additional driver charge of $5.50* per driver per day (capped at 27.50*). Spouse with the same residential address are exempted.
  • Any extras signed up for upon arrival, eg. vehicle snow equipment.

* All extra add-ons will attract additional percentage taxes and surcharges.


When you collect your rental car, a Hertz representative will take an imprint of your credit card authorising a charge of the total value of the rental plus any applicable security bond. Provided that the vehicle is returned undamaged and no additional charges apply (e.g. fuel), this amount will be charged to your credit card when you return the car. Payment must be made by credit card. The credit card holder must be present when the vehicle is collected.

For Prestige, Fun and Green vehicles, acceptable methods of payment are – GCC, HCC, OTTO, full value RCV. Cash is only permitted at the end of rental.

Drivers Licence

The renter must have a full driver's licence for at least 12 months and must present it at the time of rental. Any foreign renter must carry a driver's licence written in English.

Credit Card / Debit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted. Most Hertz locations accept debit cards embossed with the Visa/Mastercard logo. Hertz require an authority on the credit card for the rental cost plus $220. Debit cards must have enough funds to coverany incidental charges in order to secure the rental. Please contact Hertz on 13 30 39 to inquire about debit card policy for your pickup location.

Where you can and cannot drive the vehicle (Full Responsibility)

  • You should refer to clauses 5(d), 5(f) and 6 for Your potential liability resulting from any use of the Vehicle for, or incurred whilst the Vehicle is being used for, any Prohibited Use or by any Prohibited Person or for any Full Responsibility Use referred to in this clause.
    You should refer to clause 5(d) for Your liability for Accessories.
  • (a) Prohibited Uses
    The Vehicle must never be used:
    (i) recklessly, or with deliberate intent to cause injury, loss or damage;
    (ii) in Tasmania unless rented from a location in Tasmania;
    (iii) on Fraser Island or north of Cooktown in Queensland;
    (iv) in the Northern Territory on the road to Jim Jim Gorge and Twin Falls or north of the Oodnadatta Track (including the following areas: Dalhousie Springs, Mount Dare, Witjira National Park and Pedirka Desert);
    (v) in any other such location or region specified by Hertz as an area or region which is prohibited;
    (vi) for committing an illegal or unlawful act (other than a traffic offence which does not automatically result in the loss of your drivers’ license);
    (vii) for racing or undertaking reliability trials or other contests;
    (viii) for conveying passengers for hire or reward (unless Hertz consents in writing);
    (ix) for hauling any goods that are incorrectly or inappropriately loaded or for the haulage of which the Vehicle was not designed (including any hazardous materials, such as any gases or substances which may form explosive mixtures); or
    (x) for towing a trailer or any other vehicle, unless the Vehicle has a towbar, in which case You have permission from Hertz to tow a trailer provided the weight and dimensions of the item being towed do not exceed the specified capacity of the Vehicle.
  • (b) Prohibited People The following people must never drive the Vehicle or otherwise be in control of the Vehicle:
    (i) any person who is Intoxicated by any substance; or
    (ii) any person other than an Authorised Driver.
  • (c) Full Responsibility Uses You will be fully responsible and liable for Damages under clause 6 where the Vehicle is used:
    (i) on any road or other surface which is not sealed other than a road under repair, or a road notified to You by Hertz, unless the Vehicle is a Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Vehicle;
    (ii) in any Alpine Resort during the gazetted snow season or in any other area under conditions where a reasonable person would use snow chains, unless SNO is offered to and accepted by You as noted on the Form;
    (iii) on any beach or in any other area exposed to saltwater;
    (iv) in any area or under any circumstances (including crossing a waterway or transporting a Vehicle across a waterway) where the Vehicle may or does become partially or totally immersed in water;
    (v) under any circumstances where the Vehicle may or does sustain damage to the body or undercarriage as a result of making contact with a stationary object overhanging or on the road surface (including driving or attempting to drive under, over or around any such object);
    (vi) under any circumstances where the Vehicle sustains damage to the roof area including but not limited to the fitting of roof racks (or similar devices), standing or sitting on the roof or making contact with overhanging objects;
    (vii) under any circumstances where the Vehicle is refuelled with fuel other than which is recommended by the Vehicle manufacturer
    (viii) where a Vehicle on a Long Term Rental sustains mechanical damage as a consequence of non compliance with clause 3(d);
    (ix) where the Vehicle is driven between the hours of sunset and sunrise in the Northern Territory, the Pilbara in Western Australia or Kangaroo Island in South Australia and such Damage is caused by a collision with an animal or by the driver avoiding a collision with an animal;
    (x) under any circumstances where the Vehicle and its keys are unsecured; or
    (xi) in any other area or region specified to You by Hertz as an area or region in which the Vehicle must not be used.
  • (d) Responsibility for Accessories You will be fully responsible and liable for Damages under clause 6 to any Accessories even if You have accepted MAX or AER for the Vehicle. MAX OR AER DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO ACCESSORIES.
  • (e) If the Vehicle is used for a Prohibited Use or by a Prohibited Person in breach of clause 5(a) or 5(b):
    (i) to the extent permitted by applicable law, You will lose the benefit of any limitation on Your liability for loss of or damage to the Vehicle, even if You have accepted MAX or AER; and
    (ii) will constitute a breach of this Agreement, making You responsible, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, for the actual and consequential damages to Hertz caused by the breach, together with Hertz's related costs and legal fees.
  • (f) If the Vehicle is used for a Full Responsibility Use referred to in clause 5(c), to the extent permitted by applicable law, You will lose the benefit of any limitation on Your liability for loss of or damage to the Vehicle, even if You have accepted MAX or AER.
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